Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas gift ideas for grandpa, dad, or uncle Bill... even friar Tuck.

Catholic gifts for men.


Really.  Booze is always good - get the girls candy, but get the guys booze.

Get one better than this.

An expensive scotch...

A fine vodka - no flavored stuff.

Traditional is good.

Save the wine and flavored stuff for the girls.

It's Catholic!

Beer.  Really good, expensive beer and ale - stuff he wouldn't buy on his own.

He can quit later.

If he smokes - get him some tabacco he likes.

If you must give candy - make sure it is liquor filled.

Better than Centering Prayer.

Then throw in a nice pair of leather gloves or something.

Always try to buy luxurious stuff for Christmas - nothing practical.

Who needs practical?

Don't give gift cards or money - unless you are just not that close.  It's very unoriginal.  Cold.

Don't get cheap beer either.

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